New Cut Flowers Styling Suggestions

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So your going to bring your grocery store or florist bought blossoms home, ok now what! I have seen many people just click plunk them in a vase of water and that’s it. Sometimes that works but here are some simple tips to cause you to look like you’re a pro at it.

1. In a clean vase, take your greens first, snip the ends off to the size you want and then start criss crossing the stems in to the vase so that you have stems all around inside the vase. There are two reasons for this. One is because you now have a base for the flower arrangement and two; a criss cross of stems makes it easier for flower placement.

2. If you are making a small , and low set up, slide in the plants in a criss combination so that the stems are all around the inside of the classic vase. You should now have a vase with a ring of flowers on the out side and nothing but stems displaying in the middle. (The more stems you have in the vase, the easier it will be to get flowers stay put! ) The rows of flowers are going to be higher each time you get them in until you have a nice rounded arrangement.

3. When you are making a tall arrangement, then use a tall slim classic vase. Your flowers will maintain up better but it will surely look well proportioned. Great blossoms to use are gladiolas, blue delphinium, lilies, snapdragons etc. Sometimes you can get tall tulips and this looks fantastic too.

4. A design mistake I use often seen is placing the flowers in a vase completely even. The reason that is not work is because it looks unpleasant. Have a look at any garden and you should see some of the blooms are sticking out, some are tucked in; some are almost hidden but still contribute to the overall look. Mimic characteristics and you won’t make a mistake! Don’t be afraid to tuck some of those flowers in a bit.

5. A good principle of thumb is to use odd numbers of flowers. What I mean by that is to use 3 roses together or 5. Even figures are not as effective. If you use 5 roses for instance , Place 3 together (touching but at slightly different lengths) near the bottom center of the vase and then two more higher up.

6th. The next best advice I will give you if you are really new at floral design, is to gather pictures of floral arrangements you prefer and with the tips I’ve stated above, practice while looking at the pictures. Before long, you’ll be looking like a pro!